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Part 1: Key Attributes of Top Talent

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

If you’re trying to achieve great things for your organisation it is critically important to hire and keep top talent. Hiring the right people will enable you to spend less time managing performance and more time developing a culture that attracts and retains the best people. 

What key attributes do top talent have?

Top talent is ambitious and develops creative ideas and innovations. They are curious people ask lots of questions and carefully listen to answers. They are not afraid of change, in fact, they run after it. They are naturally curious and always look for ways to innovate or improve a process.

They do it with passion or not at all due to this their productivity is higher as it doesn't seem like work to them. Passionate people, they tend to start their day earlier feel more fulfilled, and lead those around them.

They achieve results by making positive contributions by constantly looking to improve their productivity. The best talent makes good decisions modeling the right behaviours excelling and overcoming challenges. They use different strategies at work to continually improve their results.

They are the go-to person who is very easy to work with and dependable well respected and valued by their peers for their insights and creativity. They know their stuff have a good reputation and always go above and beyond what is expected or required. They naturally seek out opportunities to expand their responsibilities. 

Top performers begin new assignments before they are told to explore ways to solve problems and work well with minimal supervision. They anticipate needs, make suggestions on how to add value.

They display attributes as a leader even when it may not be their job. They are self-motivated this fuels life long learning and development. They don't need to be told to develop their skill set as they are taking those steps already.

They are team players who are highly collaborative and cooperative, always open to other people's points of view. They can balance the team and their priorities and cultivate positive relationships with coworkers and customers.

They display high integrity and can be trusted to exhibit the highest degree of ethics and honesty doing what they say they are going to do always with the right motives.

About Sweven Talent;

With constant shifts in how talent is attracted, generational changes are demanding new and innovative ways to attract talent. With two decades of experience in Australia and Internationally, we understand more than ever the need to do things differently.

The best talent is now placing a stronger emphasis on its purpose wanting inclusive workplaces, ongoing learning, and development, as well as effective on-boarding. We actively look at the way we do things to keep up to date so we can continually deliver in a candidate-driven landscape.

Sweven Talent Management specialises in Sales & Marketing and Management positions within the Community Services & NFP sector to register your interest in upcoming roles (which are often exclusive to our internal community) register your job preferences and interest to receive job alerts via our opportunities page on our website.

Sweven Talent Management

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