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Attracting the Right Talent in a Talent Short Market

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The biggest challenge for employers right now is attracting and engaging new talent.

Due to Covid-19, many organisations have faced many challenges around lockdowns resulting in recruitment freezes, shutting down or laying off many of their employees, and making redundancies.

Now that parts of the country are slowly heading back to normal, the country is looking to reopen its borders with some restrictions lifted. Employers now more than ever need borders to open to broaden their available talent pool, so they have a better chance of filling their open vacancies.

There has been a sharp rise in current market trends, indicating not only the rise of the 'great resignation' but the challenges that come with being in a job-rich and candidate poor market.

So for internal and agency recruiters scouting for talent, here are three tips to give you tremendous success in attracting and engaging potential candidates.

1. Find out what the candidate wants; after countless hours and phone calls, spilling out the features and benefits of the job may see you potentially finding a different candidate. So for a more successful outcome, learn more about the individual by asking questions. Ask questions such as what they are looking for out of their next job opportunity and their expectations in the role and their employer. By doing so, you'll have a much better chance of retaining the candidate.

2. Explain why they're a perfect fit for the role; just telling them they are the perfect fit for the role isn't going to cut it; speaking on the skill-set you've learnt from your lengthy conversation of the candidate highlight how it is the same abilities the company is looking for.

3. Sell the company and culture and explain how the role aligns to their wants and needs; understanding what is essential to the candidate and aligning what the organisation has to offer is extremely important in today's world of work. Being able to articulate the organisation's brand values and purpose and articulate the most desirable parts of working for the organisation and in the role is vitally important.

A recent report stated that 75% of candidates advised that they would not apply for a job unless they felt the job aligned with the brand, and 35% would not accept a job offer if they felt the company was a bad cultural fit – even if the role was a perfect match in every other way.

If you are an in-house recruiter, you will have much better knowledge and first-hand experience to sell to your candidate why you joined your organisation and what keeps you there.

If you are an agency recruiter, try and reach out to current employees in that company and question why they enjoy working for their client as proof of verification via email, employee testimonial video or a link to their company page.

Written by Soakai Tafua - Recruitment Officer (intern)

Sweven Talent Management

Sweven Talent Management is a recruitment specialist; we work with employers to find the best talent in short talent markets; contact our team if you need some assistance in finding your next hire.

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